About Us

Our Mission

Over the past 35+ years the Monticello Pet Hospital has been serving the needs of the Monticello, Big Lake and surrounding communities by offering comprehensive Veterinary medicine and services. Our knowledgeable Health Care Team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and education for a lifetime of wellness for your pet.

Recently the practice embarked on a new chapter by welcoming a new owner, Dr. Scott Jacobson.

“I enjoy the challenges of veterinary dentistry and surgery. Most of all I enjoy the clients and their pets. There are so many interesting people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and learning about their families. Veterinary medicine is a growing science and the advancements that are available to pets are continuing to improve their lives and the relationship they share with their owners. It’s an exciting time to be a veterinarian as we can offer so many more solutions and techniques to ensure pets receive the highest quality care.”

We provide the latest in veterinary technology and equipment to ensure your pets receive the best care and success with quick and accurate diagnosis. By providing onsite lab analysis, surgery, endoscopy, ultrasound, dental and standard radiology; we can assess and care for your pet with all the tools at hand.

Our Patients

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits