Microchip Pet Identification

Microchipping is a very beneficial identification method that provides a positive ID for your pet if they are lost and found. Over 20,000 shelters across the United States are equipped with scanners to detect microchips, not to mention nearly every veterinary practice and boarding facility is equipped with a scanner as well. A microchip is an affordable and safe option for any pet that guarantees a lifetime of identification, no matter how many collars Fido might chew through.

We offer microchipping and all you have to do is bring in your pet and we can implant the chip and register you on the database. All you have to do after that is update your information if any of your information changes–there is nothing else you have to do.

Our microchip brand is from an affiliate of the American Kennel Club and this is their website www.akccar.com

Other steps to keep your pet identified:
License your pet with your City Hall if you are within the city limits.

Monticello: 763-295-2711: License is $10.00 (2008) and good for 2 years. You must have vaccine certificate from your veterinarian.

Big Lake: 763-262-2107: License is $10.00 (2008) and good for the lifetime of your pet. You must have proof of vaccine and a rabies tag number from your veterinarian.